Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to Bub In A Box

Welcome to the world of 'Bub In A Box' craft I have started doing with my sister Janice.

We were looking for something creative to spend our time on - something that would utilise our skills of sewing, knitting and craft. We have both spent many hours making clothes for our own children and their toys so we thought "Bub In A Box' was the perfect idea.

We take baby dolls and turn them into unique and lovable children's toys by making their own bedding and clothing - many hours goes into each doll and no two are the same. We can even make dolls in colours or designs that you specifically request.

What does Bub In A Box Come With?

There are boy and girl dolls available with three beautifully handmade outfits for play and sleep time.

Each doll is personalised with its own name tag and details card - also individually hand crafted.

Each doll comes with its own bed complete with handmade mattress, pillow and two blankets - one each for cooler and warmer weather. The bed is skirted with a handmade valance and the bed comes on wheels for easy movement around the house. The bed also doubles as a storage box for the doll and its belongings at the end of the day.

A wonderful and unique present for any young child - great ideas for Birthdays and other special days - or even when a new baby brother or sister comes into the family.

How Do I contact the makers of Bub In A Box or ask further questions?

Please contact Bub In A Box creator Val on 0419 351 762 or email